June 15, 2012

Friends and Babies

One of the best parts of being home is getting to see old friends. Right after I got to Salt Lake, I had a long-overdue visit with my friend Cindy and her adorable twins, Aaron and Isaac.

But first, we passed these classy establishments while driving from the airport:

Need a place to crash? Try the Sleep Cheap Motel... (or not?)

Hey, look! It's my initials!

And now, presenting photos from my catch-up with Cindy:

I can't believe I hadn't seen her since BEFORE MY MISSION!! That's like... 4 1/2 years ago!! 

Isaac + Cindy

Aaron + Cindy

Cindy was one of my good friends from my student ward before my mission (38th ward, say what?). The 38th ward was by far my favorite student ward EVER. Cindy and her husband Kyle (also from our ward) got married while I was serving, and when they honeymooned in the Bay Area, they stopped by the Visitors' Center! Unfortunately, I wasn't there when they came, but they left me an entire shoebox full of Hershey's kisses. :)

I've been reading about Aaron and Isaac and their crazy and MANY medical adventures over the past year, and it was so, so fun to finally see these adorable and amazing boys in person. (You can read more about their journey on Cindy's blog.) Cindy, you are truly a rockstar, and these boys are so lucky to have you as their momma! I'm so glad I got to see all three of you. :)

I also organized an informal "baby shower" for one of my mission sisters, Michelley. It is ALWAYS such a blast to get together with these women. We wanted to keep it casual and laidback, so we met up for dinner and presents at La Hacienda in Draper. AND we invited husbands! Todd, Craig, and Quinn were such good sports to hang with us girls. :)

I really, truly love each one of these girls. I love the bond that we have and the fact that no matter how much time goes by, each time we get together is always so much fun. It's nice to have friends to whom you feel close, no matter how much time or distance has passed. Every time we get together, things are different (graduations, jobs, husbands, babies, etc.), and yet... they're still the same. :)

OCVC sistas!

Post-mission sister pic's (Sleepovers, mission reunions, weddings, General Conference, group dates, etc. :D)

Presents! + Look at this cute baby bump! We all can't wait to meet Baby Asher!

And finally, a *bonus* photo edition of Smithy and me (because... why not?):

Our outfits matched a lot on the mission (coincidence, not on purpose) + other good times. :)


  1. I'm so honored that I made it into one of your posts! And I love the photo collage of the two of us, it's wonderful. :) You are great!


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