June 24, 2012

Bon Voyage, Jeffrey Howard!

This is a post about a farewell party last Saturday for one, Jeffrey Howard. But first, an account of how I studied at the pool that day.

OK, that's basically it.

Sooo, the goodbye party. Yes. It was at a park, there was food, there were friends, and there was definitely a lot of love for Jeff.

Ladies' man

Maybe a little TOO much love from Camille.

The scandal! The violations!

Also, there were backflips.

And handstands.


And there were swings!

We were trying to swing in unison.
But Jeff was CLEARLY not doing it right!

So I yelled at him. (Just kidding. I didn't!)

And then he got the hang of it.

Mostly. ;)

Jeff and Jenn


Jeff and Steph

There was also an arabesque.

See you in Utah next week, Jeff! :)

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