May 31, 2012

You might be a Mormon Girl

You might be a Mormon girl if:

  • In one summer, you have to fly across the country twice to attend, or be in, the weddings of people you love.
  • You are invited to three bridal/baby/wedding showers every week of the summer (OK, maybe not every week. But at least THIS week.)
  • The baby showers are for people whose bridal showers/weddings you attended but a year ago.
  • Oh, yeah. You have to go back to Utah ONE more time this summer, because your brother is going on a mission.
  • 76% of your ALL of your friends attended Brigham Young University.
  • Your 10-year high school reunion is this summer and your high school friends are 99.9% married, 97% of them have multiplied and replenished and/or are currently with child, and at least 50% of those kids are already in elementary school.

Just sayin'.

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