May 31, 2012

Memorial Day week (**WARNING: Loads of pictures ahead!**)

I went home last week for my cousin's wedding, and I decided to stay for a whole week. I hung out with my family, saw my cousins, helped paint and work in the yard (Total transformation forthcoming. Sorry- no "before" photos were taken.), threw a bridal shower/bachelorette party, admired the mountains, and just... hung out. 

The first sign that I was back in the promised land:

Go Utes!
Go Utes!

I'd now like to share a little bit of our Utah LDS culture. On any given Wednesday at the Salt Lake airport, one can see this:

2 families waiting for their LDS missionaries to return.

This is what my family looked like when I came home:

home again, home again, jiggity jig

I feel like a bit of a creeper for snapping these shots, but I just couldn't help it. :)

The first sighting of their missionary. There he is, coming down the escalator!

The kids got the first hug. Awwww...
My sister picked me up from the airport. Our first stop on our way home: In-N-Out.

Yummy burgers! (Not such a fan of the fries.)

Don't bother us. We're eating.

My mom wasn't home when I got back from the airport, but she left me this pretty rose from her garden:

Jason thought he'd be funny and sign his name after my mom's. That stinker...

Why, hello there, Ringo.

I went running when I was home, and I took these pictures of my hometown. I was mostly trying to capture the mountains and the sky, but you know.

Even our little house looks glorious with those mountain majesties in the back! The view of the mountains was better 10 years ago before those trees got all huge.

On Friday, I threw a Bachelorette Party for my best friend, complete with delicious (and slightly racy) food,

Fun games,

Let's just say... she got so many questions wrong, she gagged. Heh heh. :)



annnnd.... a few other things. ;)

I hung out with my dad on Saturday, and we ate at ABC Mandarin! (Delicious!)

Strawberry chicken... Mmmmmm....

Then we all went to David's wedding that night.

I held my cousin Evelyn's baby during the ceremony and this is what happened:

TELL ME this doesn't make you baby hungry, and I'll know you're lying!

Me, with the happy couple.
A true display of my primo's personality and style: all the groomsmen wore Chucks and hipster glasses!  8-)
**Note: His are real. PS Thanks for this picture, Leyda!

On that note, here's a hipster joke my brother told me:

Q: How did the hipster burn his tongue?

A: He ate the pizza before it was cool!


Cousins group shot (+ Tio Silvano in the back? Ha ha.) Photo courtesy of Kim.
Look how cute my brother is in his suspenders! This photo also courtesy of Kim.
My beautiful cousin, Evelyn. Men of Provo, watch out!
Yriel and Kiahly are such good sisters to Baby Alyna! And they're all so adorable!!
Siblings Photobooth! This may have been my favorite picture of the entire wedding.
Kinda sad that it'll be one of the last pictures all five of us take together for two years. :(

I could seriously eat her!

So, for a while now, I've said that I want this to be my first dance wedding song, and.... apparently David and Kelie had the same idea. Ja ja.  :)

Con Lili y Kim

I snapped some shots of my cousin Alicia's photoshoot with Evelyn's girls:

Darn flash....
Kiahly being shy. Ha ha.

That's my girl!
Cake time!

I really, really love these babies!
Me, Mom, Kim

Other stuff from the weekend:

Baby Scott got a new camera (waterproof, freeze-proof, dustproof, and shatterproof, apparently.)
Lookin' at the back of mah hurrrs.
Watching Game #1 of the Thunder vs. Spurs with my dad and brother. Good times. :)

Without fail, I go on these crazy cooking sprees every time I go home. This week, I made lasagna, healthy pasta deliciousness, a million smoothies (including the healthy green ones, which were actually a big hit with my family!), banana cream pie (From scratch, people!! Even the crust! Why did I not take a picture??) cookies, Chinese chicken salad, banana muffins, hash browns... and other fun treats. Thanks to Christopher and Spencer, who are great cooking helpers.

Delicious breakfast concoction that I actually remembered to photograph. 

Did I mention the MOUNTAINS??!

My dad took me to check out the Ogden Temple site, which is under construction.

Ogden Temple construction site. (PS That link also shows what it will look like. HERE is what it used to look like, ie- just like the Provo Temple.)

My youngest brother LOVES to draw and always wants to sketch everything in sight:

I took this photo to capture the mountains in this part of Ogden, but then a funny thing happened...

I started counting all the cars driving by, and...

they were all TRUCKS!

Oh, Utah...

Ogden Municipal Building
Overpriced taco cart. :( WHEN did it become rational, moral, or legal to charge $1 per tiny taco???! (Note Chris drawing some more.)
Ogden Amphitheater. Home of Monday Family Night Movies and Friday Night Date movies all summer long. :)

I also got to go with my baby brother to buy his very fist missionary suit! The sales guy was not-unattractive, but probably half my age. Ha ha.

We have a winner! The tag says "The Perfect Fit." :)
3 BB's. Heh heh.
Acting like he's so tough. Bah ha ha ha ha!

You guessed it: MOUNTAINS!
Where else do you have such an amazing view from a Jiffy Lube??

My mom trimmed my hair while I was home. It was my first haircut in OVER A YEAR!! (My friend Rachael and I chopped off our hair last year to donate to cancer patients. This is what it looked like pre-chopping:


One year later:

My hair has finally grown!!

My brothers had their last day of the school year while I was home. It was fun to look at yearbooks with them. :

Apparently Spencer's friend Karson thinks my mom is hot?? Weirdo...

That antique car in my rearview mirror was sah-weet!
Scenery on the way to the airport:

Views from the plane:

Can you see Lagoon?

Sorry. I don't know how to flip this image in Blogger, and I'm too lazy to flip it in an outside program and plug it back in.

I also bought this book when I was at home. I'm so excited for it! It has the most amazing photos! (Can you say Mormon political nerd?)

The other HUGE thing that happened this weekend is that I LEARNED HOW TO DRIVE STICK SHIFT!!

I was too nervous to take any photos, but I swear it happened! I borrowed my sister's car to go down to Salt Lake for Lupe's bridal shower/bachelorette party, but it's a stick shift, so... She taught me how to drive her car in the morning, and I went to Salt Lake that afternoon. I still think she's CRAZY for trusting me. I was terrified, and I lost track of how many times I stalled the car that day (sorry, Kim!!), but the point is I made it to Salt Lake and back without dying!!!

In conclusion, thanks for a great week, Utah. I miss you already, but I'll be back before you know it! :D

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