May 01, 2012

Life Lately (the iPhone Photo Version)

Summary of my life lately, in photos:
Pupusa night for Latinos for Obama, my commuting shoes
(because while I love me a good high heel, I also love it when
my feet don't feel like they're about to fall off), the
cute/pink/FOLDABLE sunglasses I didn't buy bc $12.99 is too
much for sunglasses!, FHE dodgeball (where the
boys were scarily INTENSE!).

This is what I look like when I study, my new iPhone case!!!!!
2 unique views of the DC LDS temple. Every time I go, I want to
take a picture, but I already have a million shots of the building.
From now on, I'm going to look at unique angles and photograph those.
Exhibit A- Who knew the stained glass in front is so prominent, right?
Gorgeous building! My favorite place to be. :)

Exploring MoCo's library system, Metro: America's Subway,
practicing our musical number with these talented folks,
the wooded path I use to get to the metro.

(and it's not dead yet!), Kensington Antique Row (more to come later),
random billboard at the mall that I thought was funny, HOLE in this tree
across the street from my house (Used for passing secret love notes, maybe?)

Relief Society yoga, TwinO time, DC sky,
protest outside of class. #GottaLoveGW :D


  1. Love it! I love the tree hole...most definitely for note passing! Congrats on the plant and the AWESOME musical number! Also, love that Jennifer and I are staring at Liann in such symmetry

  2. That picture of the library warms my heart! I skipped the dodgeball FHE on purpose since I'm of the opinion that dodgeball is really masochistic self-torture. I'm glad I did!

  3. Camille, I now feel obligated to find a love interest so I can use the tree hole! And Meli, dodgeball was crazzzy, but so FUN! :D


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