May 22, 2012

Jack's Boathouse

After the Georgetown graduation on Friday, I got a group of friends together to go kayaking via Jack's Boathouse. We had a group of 23 across 5 Groupons, and I have to say I was impressed by how friendly and helpful the staff were. I was afraid that with so many of us, someone would fall through the cracks, or our Groupons wouldn't work, etc., but everyone was incredibly helpful (esp the nice girl named Linda who helped us).

We had a fantastic time, and we could not have picked better weather or a more beautiful evening.

We had to take the Exorcist Steps to get to the boathouse.
Jack's Boathouse
Ginette, April, and Missy lookin' adorable + kayaks on the Potomac + helicopters (maybe POTUS?)
Missy and I shared a kayak. We paddled upstream for a bit, then sat back and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset. We met up with Caitlin and Maggie and just floated and chilled the rest of the time. (Also, C and I linked hands to keep our kayaks together. Ha ha.)
Cute Jen in her kayak + Coming to shore + Sailing into the sunset (cheesy, but who doesn't love a bit o' cheese, right?)
April, me, Missy on the dock + April, Bremen, Jen walking up the stairs + Group shot courtesy of Melanie (with permission, of course!). Notably missing from this shot are KYLE (who got left behind!! So sorry, Kyle!!), Meg (who took the photo), and Seth (who is hiding somewhere in the back? I think that's the top of his head behind Steph and Caitlin.)

This sounds like a promo ad (it isn't), but seriously, check out Jack's Boathouse if you haven't already. You'll be glad you did! :)


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