May 17, 2012

How to... Shop the Cute (on the Cheap!)

This I know to be true:  I am nothing if not a good shopper. I'm really good at it. And I do it all the time (online, in my head, walking down the street, while running errands, when I'm supposed to be studying/working...) 

I've worked for 27 years to hone my skillz in this area and owe much of my knowledge to my mother. She has the seasonal sale rotations memorized, is on a first-name basis with the sales associates at her favorite stores, and has the type of relationship with them where they set aside items they know she wants and let her pay for them over the phone. She's a pro!

Because my friends marvel every time I go shopping and tell them how little I've paid for things, I've decided to share a few of my favorite shopping tips. I planned to do this in one post, but guys, did I mention I'm a really good shopper? I have a lot to share, so... I'm going to do this in installments. 

Up first: Rules #1-3! (Accompanied by photographic evidence.)

Rule #1: DON'T buy something just because it's ON SALE. 

I found these red summer wedges on SUPER sale at Target for $7.50. I was torn about whether I should buy them. I ran through every possible outfit I could wear with them. I thought about shoes I already own that could fulfill the same purpose. I thought about a different pair of shoes I actually do need. I texted two friends to ask for moral shopping support. 

I didn't buy them. And life went on.

I even forgot they existed! (Until I saw pictures in my phone) I obviously didn't need them. Good thing I didn't buy them!

Rule #2: Only buy things you absolutely LOVE. If you don't love it in the store, what makes you think you'll wear it at home?

Shoes I didn't LOVE but bought anyway a few months ago
($12.95 at Gap). Have I worn them yet? Nope. 

Rule #3: Know each store's return policy, and always keep your receipts! (And don't be afraid to return things!)

Image via here

I try to only buy things I'm 100% sure about, but sometimes, I just... buy things anyway, OK? (Whatever. I bet you do it, too.) When I'm not completely sure about something, I'll hang on to it, try it on at home, and let it hang in my closet for a week or so. If I'm still not sure about it, I'll take it back. 

Which is why keeping your receipts is important. And why knowing each store's return policy is important, too. For example, Forever 21 will let you exchange an item, but only for store credit. And at Target, you actually don't need your receipt to return something. They can look up your item using the credit card with which you paid for it.

More tips to come soon. Happy shopping!


  1. Utah Girl! Just found you... LOVE IT!

    I am always buying crap because it's on sale and then I NEVER wear it... lol...


    I'm a Utah girl too :)

    1. Jacy, I feel terrible, but I'm just NOW seeing this!! I just perused your blog, and gosh, you have such a cute family! :) Great to e-meet a fellow Utah girl! :D


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