May 06, 2012

A Bird Pooped On. My. EYE!!!

Today, while we celebrated Mie's birthday,  A BIRD POOPED ON MY EYE. 

MY EYE!! (Well, my eyelid.)

This has got to be the most bizarre thing that has ever happened to me in all of my 27 years. Good thing David was around with a handkerchief (a sign of a real man, ladies. Or gents, in this case.) to wipe the nastiness off. And in true testament to what a great friend he is, he didn't even laugh at me. AND if asked, he will deny that this ever happened! (PS David, I love you!)

Despite the bird nonsense, Mie's birthday celebration was a resounding success. The food was delicious, the park was lovely, and the company was great.

Stephanie, Jasmine's cousin?, Ali, me, Jeff G. (now known to Nif as J-Scott,
not to be confused with my Baby Brother, Jason Scott.)

Bremen is always so fashion-forward. (PS Bah ha ha ha ha!)

Levain cookie!! Good heavens! Nat the Fat Rat was right!

The highlight was DEFINITELY when we played with one of those big, bright parachutes from elementary school.

Sitting under it was always the best part, am I right?? And please note that
Bremen still has those 3D glasses on. Bah ha ha!

This little cutie patootie wanted to play with us, so we let her. :)


Trapping the birthday girl under the parachute is always a good time.
And finally, an action video!

Feliz cumple, Mie!! :D


  1. So fun!!! The parachute, not the poop ;)

  2. haha isn't a bird popping on you suppose to be good luck? Although I don't see how it can be good luck because it is no fun at all and always inconvenient!

    1. People kept telling me the exact same thing, but I don't get how it's good luck either. I think they just wanted me to feel better. I mean, I GUESS it was a LITTLE funny... But definitely not in the moment!


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