April 29, 2012

On How I'm Not Creative (aka My Non-Original Nail Polish) + Some Unrelated Photos

One time, it was Valentine's Day, and I couldn't decide if I wanted to paint my nails pink or red (or a non-Valentine's color altogether. I know. The daily struggles of my life are astounding.). Being of the indecisive sort, I decided to paint my nails red, BUT to mix it up a little by painting my ring finger nails hot pink. Brilliant, no? Creative and original! (or so I thought.) And cute! (or so I was told.). I've since done this a few other times with other colors.

Today, I somehow ended up on the tumblr of a girl I don't even know, and I read this post, where she says she is "notorious for accent nails." So I wondered, "Hmm.... What are accent nails?" And I clicked here to see them. And I thought, "Dude, I totally do that!!" I was so annoyed to discover that A- I'm not as original as I thought I was. and B- That the phenomenon I thought was so brilliant has a name!! THAT'S how unoriginal my originality is! It has a name! A name given to it by elseone! Accent nails! Can you believe this? (I know. My life is hard.)

In conclusion, a few photos:
Sometimes, when I have the whole metro seat all to myself, I sit
like this. But don't worry: I don't put my feet on the actual seat.
That's just rude!
Caitlin said I looked very "hipster" with my clashing
polka-dots/stripes/floral outfit, and... this picture happened.
Tonight, I decided iPhone cameras STINK at night pictures, even with
the flash. Those dots you see here? They're the eyes of my neighbors,
the deer. Just trust me; they really WERE deer, OK? Ask my people neighbors!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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