April 30, 2012

O, My Father

I was asked to help put together a musical number at church yesterday. I love how we incorporate music into our worship services. Uplifting music helps me to feel the Spirit and to feel closer to God. I was slightly concerned about putting together something with short notice that involved so many people (a 4-part harmony with 6 vocalists, 1 accompanist, and 2 violin obbligatos... Yeah...), but it turned out beautifully! What a blessing to have had such a talented group! Below is a little audio of the number. (Please pardon the random person who coughed at the 18 second mark.) Cynthia is the first violin you'll hear, and I'm the second (at about 11 seconds). Every time you hear that same little part over again... That's me. I'm also the soloist at about 2:20. My favorite part was the a cappella part. Aren't the vocalists' harmonies beautiful?!

PS I apologize that this video is just one picture the whole time. It's just that... I don't know how to upload JUST an audio file, so I had to turn this into a quick YouTube video. Oh, well. It's not perfect, but I hope you enjoy it. :)

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