April 16, 2012

DC Drum Circle

Yesterday was my first Drum Circle Sunday of the season. Can I just take a moment to publicly express my love for the Sunday Drum Circle at Meridian Hill Park? Because I love it. It is literally my favorite DC thing to do on a Sunday!

It's a DC institution. Literally: they've been doing it every Sunday (weather-permitting) from 3-9pm since the 1950's (thanks, Wikipedia!). I love it because of the eclectic mix of people it convenes: people of all races, colors, ages... You have, of course, the drummers. They're joined by folks on a whole array of instruments: cowbell, tambourine, harmonica, saxophone(?!), guitar, and yesterday, even a violinist. (Woot!) Every Sunday, there's at least one person leading line dancing, others dancing on their own (to the beat of their own drummer, if you will. Oh, I'm so punny!). You have yogis (mesmerizing... seriously), hula hoopers, jugglers, soccer players, families and groups of friends picnicking, and even some tight rope walkers yesterday.

If you've never been, GO ASAP! Your life will never be the same. Below, a few photos from our excursion yesterday.

Sergio, me, Jessica, Jeff (photo courtesy of Rachel's iPhone)

Rachita (pr. Ray-chee-tuh), me, Jessica, Jeff
(photo also courtesy of Rachel's iPhone)

And the best one:

I dared Sergio to join the dancing, and he jumped right in like it was NBD.
So then I joined, too. I know, so crazy. :) PS I'm the little blog behind Sergio.

Thanks to Juan and Isabel for taking that last photo (I had no idea they were taking it! Prometo tener celular la proxima vez, para que podamos coordinar. :D)! And a shout-out to Luis and Wendy who were also there. :)

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  1. So bummed I missed this! It took forever for me to get set apart though after church :/ But I definitely want to go!!


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