March 21, 2012

Weekend Balancing Act

OK, I feel like I post every other time about wanting to achieve balance in my life. But whatever. I do, OK? And I'm working on it. See? I actually played a bit this weekend:

I celebrated David's birthday, 

Look how much we love Ciara! 
David's birthday "smiley face" with his mango sticky rice

ate dessert at Teaism, where we tried DELICIOUS salty oat chocolate-chip cookies,

I'm such a sucker for choc-chip cookies! (See my bio? Yes.)

rode the metro (where we waited and waited and waited),

The crowd literally cheered and CLAPPED when the train finally came.
I ended up on the metro with my two, tall,
 blonde, leggy friends (as I like to call them),
 Ciara and Karly.

AND, I went to a bonfire, where we played FOURSQUARE. Flashbacks, anyone? You know it's a good time if you're playin' foursquare. :)

Rachel "the Blur" plays foursquare. :)
Foursquare is much harder to photograph than one would think.

But lest you think I'm "balancing" too much play time, please know that I also work, work, worked this weekend! Below, my first organized radio interview for my candidate. Woot!

Yeah, so... My candidate is the one gringo here. :)

I also did LOTS of homeworks, baked banana bread, cleaned half of my car, played this at church with Chris (vocalist) and Sarah (pianist extraordinaire) -- both of whom were AMAZING, I might add! (and can I just say how hard this piece is for violins?? Its in, like, 18th position, I swear! but SO beautiful!!), and MASTERED (sort of) Audacity (audio software) (*evidence to come!*).

Also, I've decided (in the spirit of the whole "balance" thing) to give up social media on Sundays, to sleep more, to prioritize exercise time, to reinstate daily planning, and to focus on only one thing at a time instead of trying to accomplish 2823.87 things at once (hint: this doesn't work).

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