March 14, 2012

Today, I...

1- had an early (ie-8:30) meeting,

2- worked from home (like so:)

3- made soup (Not from a can... From scratch, people!)

4- baked honey whole wheat bread (almost successfully!)

5- went to the #JSA rally (Please read THIS to get the basic story. I'll likely write more on this later.)


6- went RUNNING!!! (Yes! I'm trying to run again! My back's still hurting, buuut... Maybe if I only run every other day? Plus yoga in between, of course.)

7- got my first (tiny) sunburn of the year (warm weather! !!!!!)

8- DIDN'T go shopping!!

The $20 dress I didn't buy. That's right. DIDN'T.
9- and served at the temple.

I had a pretty good day, don'tcha think?

What I didn't do.... was homework. There's always tomorrow, right?

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  1. That bread looks so good! And yay for running and yoga!


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