March 26, 2012

This Weekend, I...

1- SAW THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS!! (More photos to come!)

2- Got my first ever mani-pedi with Caitlin,

(Our official verdict: too eh-spensive. And we can do the same stuff at home. But the massage was nice.) 

2- Spoke on behalf of my candidate at a town hall meeting,


Umm, yeah... I spoke right after this guy.
(P.S. He is a sitting U.S. Senator. Yikes!)

3- Celebrated with the "Pink Flamingos." This is the name of our Relief Society (church women's group) basketball team. Because you know when you see me, you see... a basketball player? Nancy planned such a fun event for us, and we all loved it!

4- Played with my string quartet at a nursing home. It was so fun! Our audience was so great, even when we weren't playing anything too fancy. If you want to book us for something, we promise to give you a good gig!

5- Hosted our first social event at our house!!! (Sorry, no photographical evidence. I completely forgot to take pictures!) But the highlight may have been when we ran out of pawns for everyone while playing a fun game Melanie brought, and I came to the rescue with my neon nail polish bottles. Or the cookies (cookies!). Or... just hangin' out with friends on a Sunday night. :)

I hope your weekend was good, too!


  1. Thanks for the cookies and the chat last night. I was completely exhausted today, but it was worth it! Also, I'm totally laughing at "eh-spensive," that's the way we say it in our family too.

  2. Oh, I was so tired, too! I was NOT sleep when you girls left. But yes, worth it. :) Let's do it again soon! (The chatting, not the sleep-deprivation. Ha ha.)


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