March 30, 2012

Pepinos con Limón y Sal

Photo courtesy of here, because I ate mine too fast to manage a photo. :)

So... I should be doing homework right now. Or sleeping. Or something. But, well, I got hungry, see, and so I HAD to have a snack. I chose the healthy, DELICIOUS snack of pepinos con limón y sal. What are pepinos con limón y sal, you say? Why, only the most amazingly delicious way to eat your cucumbers EVER!! And it's quite simple, too. As a Latina, I grew up eating a lot of my foods this way (the con limón y sal part). My best friend (who happens to be Mexican) would probably add some chile to this, but that's not the way this Salvadorian girl rolls (not since my mission, at least).

1 cucumber
1/2 a lime

1- Wash, peel, and slice cucumber. (Though my dad would tell you the peeling is optional.)
2- Put in Tupperware.
3- Squeeze your lime on top. Go crazy and squeeze the whole lime in, if you want!
4- Add salt to taste. (Be generous. You want a lot on here.)
5- Put lid on Tupperware and SHAKE!
6- Enjoy!
7- Lick your fingers and smile. :)

And now, an embarrassing admission from my childhood.

My dad taught me that I should always be a lady. Things a lady does:
  • Sit properly with her legs crossed.
  • Minds her manners at the dinner table.
  • Takes care of her physical appearance.

Things a lady does NOT do:
  • Sprawl with her legs all over the place.
  • Allow her nail polish to chip. (Dad says if it starts to chip, just take it off. That's how you stay classy.)
  • Lick her fingers during or after meals (or ever, I think).

    And last, but not least:
  • Lick her plate!

I may or may not have had a problem with the licking of my fingers and/or my plate as a 5-year old, but I swear to you it was only when we had pepinos/salad/tomatoes/insert-delicious-produce here con limón y sal!! The licking was always the best part!! Well, that and drinking the leftover lime juice in the bowl, duh. I may or may not have done this after I ate my whole pepino tonight. And I may or may not have licked my fingers. (Don't judge!) I did not lick my plate.

In conclusion, I promise not to tell my dad (or yours) if you lick your fingers after trying the delicious-ness that IS the pepino con limón y sal. And always remember:

  1. Who you are
  2. EVERYTHING tastes better  con limón y sal!!

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