March 28, 2012

On Feeling Things

This post has no pictures. Sorry. But it does have some thoughts that border on the edges of "deep-ness." (Though I think the proper word might be depth?) Something happened recently that made me feel... something I didn't want to feel and felt silly for feeling, because I felt I shouldn't be feeling it... Then I found out another piece of news that added to the first bit of news and made me reflect on things I felt embarrassed for feeling and didn't really want to feel to begin with.

I chatted about it briefly with my friend Rachel, and she said something that changed my life (in case you didn't catch it, that was a hyperbole, but it DID change my outlook). She told me that I'm allowed to feel the way I'm feeling, and that sometimes, it's important to just... let yourself feel things (even things you don't want to feel). Because once you acknowledge them and fully feel them, then you can move on and choose to feel different feelings.

And so, now that I'm done feeling that, I am choosing to feel something else.

Does that make sense? It sure did to me. Thanks, Rach. :)

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