March 11, 2012

Every Now and Again...

... you need to stop and smell the orchids. I re-learned this on Friday.

My last job was very fast-paced and (depending on upcoming events) often very stressful. The atmosphere in the campaign office right now is supah crazy busy, all-hands on deck, game time, do or die 'til the Primary. And  grad school? Don't even get me started...

But my SACNAS job... is different. And I like it. My boss was in town on Friday, and he invited me to lunch with him and his wife. We had a lovely meal at the Museum of the American Indian, where we took our time, looked at some exhibits, etc. Then they asked me if I wanted to join them at the U.S. Botanic Garden. I'm thinking, "Huh, boss? Don't you want me to go back to the office and work, work, work until I can work no more??" But shoot, when your boss wants to take you to spend an hour looking at beautiful flowers and really cool plants, are you really going to say no?

U.S. Botanic Garden


I've never seen a cactus in bloom!
P.S. THIS is what a cacao bean looks like before it becomes chocolate. CHOCOLATE!!
This is called a "Friendship Plant." Isn't that tender? :)
OK, I'mma go all cheesy for a sec here. This lil' guy was TINY, but apparently, these grow into GIANT TREES! I thought it was a beautiful symbol of the potential we all have and of how Heavenly Father must see each of us. :) Cheesy moment over.

This little trip was a welcome break, and a reminder that with all our responsibilities and chores, we need to take time-outs to enjoy life's little moments and beauties. I felt refreshed after our outing and ready to be productive. Here's hoping I remember that for longer than the next 24 hours.

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