February 03, 2012

When Justin Bieber DIDN'T come to DC...

I work a half mile from the White House, and every now and again, everything shuts down on our street to make way for President Obama's motorcade. This morning was one such morning. I got off the metro and realized the road was completely blocked off. Cop cars on every corner, police officers on foot up and down the street, trafficked backed up at the cross streets, like so:

Empty street

Same street

It was pretty obvious that it was the President, but I asked a police officer anyway if he knew why the street was blocked off. His response: "Yeah, Justin Bieber is coming." 

Can you believe it?! The nerve of that officer... Surely there was no need for such sarcasm! I rolled my eyes, mumbled the most sarcastic "OK..." I could muster, and crossed the street to my building...

where I ran up the stairs and made it to the 11th floor window just in time to see this:

Presidential motorcade! I heart DC!

It was NOT Justin Bieber. 

P.S. In more significant news, my friend Cindy's 6-month old baby boy, ISAAC, had open-heart surgery today (on Cindy's 25th birthday, no less). Prayers for them, please.

Also, congrats to my cousin, Evelyn, who gave birth to her 4th baby, ALYNA EVE, today. Isn't she beautiful?!

My cousin Alicia, holding Baby Alyna. Today was also Alicia's birthday. :)

Happy birthday, Cindy, Alicia, and Alyna!! And all my best wishes for Isaac!

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  1. I wish it had been the Biebs, and that I had been there.


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