February 17, 2012

So You Want to Work on Campaigns?

Why, yes I do! I am excited to share with you all (ie- the three people who love me who actually read this.) that I'm officially the new Director of Hispanic Outreach for a U.S. Congressional race in Maryland! To give you a taste of what I'll be doing as a campaign worker, I recorded this little video:

(J/K. I didn't record this. It's been making its way 'round the Internets, and I'm just sharing what someone else so creatively put together. I wish I had a source to cite... If anyone knows, please message me, so I can give proper credit!)

Basically, my life is about to get a whole lot crazier (is that possible?) and a whole lot poor-er (*Note: I'm aware that's not a real word.). Instead of working at one full-time, private sector job with things like health insurance, metro benefits, etc., I'll be working TWO jobs: my new campaign job and a Science/STEM education policy job at a non-profit organization with Groupon as my health insurance and Ramen as my breakfast/lunch/dinner. I can't wait! :) Oh, and I'm moving to a new apartment this weekend with (gasp) my own room! Huzzah!

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