February 22, 2012

Signs of God's Love

Lately, I've sure been feeling the love from the Lord. A few signs of said love:

1- This weekend, I moved into a new apartment. And my room is teensy. My desk at my old house? Not so teensy. Two weeks ago, I was panicked thinking, how am I going to fit this desk? I need a desk. I need a smaller desk. How am I going to afford a smaller desk?? Gah!! It occurred to me that Craigslist has a free section. I  immediately hopped online, and just a few minutes prior, someone had posted a free child's desk and dresser. Naturally, I thought- child's desk = small! I'm small! This could work! I e-mailed right away and got the set! I couldn't believe it! God takes the time to look out for even the minutiae of my life! And guess what? I then went on to find out that these desks are apparently worth something. (Details to come in a future post.)

2- Answering my prayers about where to live. I was sitting in Spanish institute at some point in January, and while I sat there, thinking about the power of the Book of Mormon in my life, I had the distinct impression that I should stay in Maryland. Not just in the boundaries of the DC 2nd ward (I'd originally been looking for housing in the District closer to school), but in Maryland, specifically. Answers to prayers = signs of God's love! Within a few days of said prompting, I found a private room in my price range. 

3- Last week was cold, and snowy, and wet, and cold... but move-in day... The day God knew I needed it to NOT be cold, and snowy, and wet, and cold again... it was SUNNY, and BEAUTIFUL, and WARM (as in, short sleeves!).

4- If you know me, you know I hate asking for help. I hate bothering people, and maybe... something about pride? Anyway, here I was, planning to move, but I didn't want to ask anyone for help. I am blessed with dear friends who offered to help me pack and move (Karly, Caitlin, April, Myles, I'm lookin' at YOU!). Thank you for asking me if I needed help. You have no idea how much that meant to me... And Brett, you're superman! (No, really. He can move anything!) You saved the day! A special shout-out to Eve for helping me move my desk and clean the fridge and to Tim for helping me move the new desk/dresser in the first place.

5- Last Tuesday (ie- Valentine's Day), I was in the shower, thinking about HOW in the world I was going to find TIME last week in between my three jobs (yes, I have three jobs right now... But only for now.) and school to 1- pack, 2- clean, 3-move, 4- sand/paint/finish fixing my new desk and dresser??!?!! When I got to work that morning, I had an e-mail from my visiting teacher. Did I need any help with the moving/packing, she wanted to know? God was once again looking out for me through my visiting teacher! Thanks to Leanne for the offers of help (and for even remembering that I was moving, even though it's been a month since I told her) and to Molly for getting me the moving boxes.

This post is now much longer than originally intended, but my point is that God shows His love for us in the details of our lives, and I'm sure thankful for it! He loves YOU, too, and He shows it to you every day. Are you looking for it?

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