February 23, 2012

My Baby Brother is Going on a Mission!

My baby brother is going on a mission!! In our church, young men serve missions for 24 months . Young ladies who choose to serve are assigned for 18 months. (My philosophy is that we complete in 18 months what the men take 24 months to do. Not sure if that's really the reason for the difference in time length... Heh heh.) He opened his mission call last night, and he will be assigned to labor in the




starting July 5th!

How did he go from this:

to this:

(Yes, I got him tickets to a Utah game AND field passes for his b-day! Am I the best big sister ever or what?!)

and now soon to THIS?!

I'm proud of you, BB! I'm excited for all of your adventures.


My mission was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I hope you will love yours as much as I loved mine.

1 BB down, 2 more BB's to go... :)

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