April 29, 2015

Quick Utah Update


Hello, blog! I haven't written here since before I left DC, so I thought I'd give a quick update.

(Oh, yeah, I moved to Utah last month btw.)

It's been an adventure so far. I haven't found an apartment just yet, so I'm living at home, which is fun for now, since it means I get to see my two youngest brothers more often. I've missed out on a lot of their childhood, so I've enjoyed getting to hang out with them and getting to know them in their current teenybopper state. :) There's also my mom, and a puppy, so you know. :)

Yimbis da puppy

But it's also kind of weird to be home. A- because I'm 30, and I'm home (but remember – it's temporary!), B- because I'm DRIVING to work for the first time EVER, and I really dislike driving (and SOOO much gas $$!), C- because I'm socially isolated (again, only temporarily! And I'm lucky to have DC friends who moved out here before I did, so I'm not 100% cut off!), D- because the pace of life is sooo much slower! I mean, seriously. My boss tells me at 5pm to "Go home!" and E- I'm still living the suitcase life, mostly because I wasn't expecting to be home this long.

But I've gotta tell ya -- I'm grateful for this time at home. Last night, I was helping with dinner, and my three brothers were at the kitchen table doing their homework (coincidentally, they were all working on math). Then my sister and her dog came over, and we were all inside, the dogs were outside, and it was just nice, you know? I think it'll be lovely some day to be finishing dinner while I have a tableful of teenyboppers doing their homework. idk, it was just nice. :)

Squeaks doing homework
blurry sibling selfie
My VL friend Jimmy came to visit me last weekend, and I spent this most recent weekend in Austin with some DC friends. I think that's when it really hit me how "in transition" I still am. I'm just sort of living day to day right now, but when I had to pause and tell someone else how I'm doing, that's when I really got to thinking. I'm happy to be back in Utah, I really am. Mostly, because I know so very certainly that I'm supposed to be in Utah. But it'll be nice to get settled in to my own place (Hopefully my OWN place without roomies! I figure this is probably the last chance I'll have to live alone, because I'm hoping my next roommate will be permanent. ;) Heh heh.), and to feel like I'm progressing towards... something? I'm not sure yet towards what. I feel a little stagnant right now and socially cut off. Which is probably OK, since I'm an introvert, but I look forward to the day where most of my social interactions are not coming via technology. (Thank you, Tinder! And ohhhhh, the wonder of a post I'm gonna do on that subject alone! Such gems of profiles to be seen out here! Lol.)

On the bright side, though, I really like my job, and my co-workers are really great. We have tea time (or Tea Party) every day at 3pm, where we mostly discuss everyone's personal problems and hear dating anecdotes from Andrew and TJ. (I don't really have any of those to share right now -- ha ha.) My boss is awesome, and I like the work I'm doing. And oh! I have an office! With a door and windows and everything! I'm looking forward to getting my things out of storage so I can finally make my office pretty. :) But mostly, so far, so good!

Oh! And CARNITAS are back at Chipotle!!! So all is well even when it's not! :)

Anyway, that's all for now. I just wanted to document a little bit about my life this last month. If you're reading this, and you're coming to Utah, make sure you let me know! :)

A few photos to take us out --

Women's Conference
IMG_9668 Chris at the Capitol IMG_9665