January 22, 2015


I've been remiss these many months for not mentioning anything about my family's dogs. Due to a series of unfortunate events, my mom had to get rid of Ringo and Jaxie. We were all very sad about it, but the happy news is they were adopted by some family friends who are taking good care of them.

My mom didn't want to be pup-less, so after quite a long search process (and a temporary pup named Koda), she and the boys brought home Jimbo.

Super adorable photo of Jimbo taken by Camille!
They brought him home the night my dad had a heart attack last September (Sept 14), so I actually met Jimbo the first full day he was home. He was soooo cute, and soooo soft! And he looked like Bolt!



Jimbo is also a deaf puppy. (Interesting fact: most dogs who are deaf are white.) It's not an issue at all, except when he falls asleep somewhere and we can't find him. (You know, because he's deaf, so we can't call for him.) And unlike one of our previous pups, Coco (the greatest running partner I've ever had! She was so obedient and would run off-leash with me), Jimbo will never be off-leash outside of the house or the yard. But look how cute he is!


Camille also took this one. Thank you, C$! :)
Annnd since my brother Spencer is the one who named him (I know... Poor puppy...), here's a photo of them together. They're basically BFFs. :)


A belated welcome to the family to our little Jimbito!

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