November 21, 2014

First Date

First date

This type of post is a little out of the norm for me, but I'm sort of dying about what happened tonight, and I wanted to share it with someone (with you! yay!). It's just that ridiculous. ;)

Sunday night, I missed a call from someone (a boy). I didn't even see the missed call notification that night! Good thing he called again on Monday night! (I answered this time.) As you may have guessed from the title of this post, he asked me on a date. A lovely, thought-out date. He would pick me up from work on Friday at 6:30pm, we would grab dinner, and we would go ice skating on the National Mall. So fun, right?? I was excited for it all week long. :)

And then today came... I mentioned I got sick recently, right? (Only in the last seven blog posts, duh.) Last week, I was improving. This week, not so much. In fact, I felt like I was getting worse, and I started to get concerned about how my Friday plans would be affected. My throat hurt. My gross phlegmy cough (TMI? sorrynotsorry.) was back with a painful vengeance. And I was exhausted... None of these things were ideal for outdoor ice skating...

When I woke up this morning, the way I felt was a sure sign to me that I needed to see a doctor. (Basically, if coughing hurts your chest... go to the doctor.) I made an appointment for 10:20am. But unless the doctor told me otherwise, I was still planning to go ice skating.

It didn't make sense for me to go in to work at 9am only to leave for a 10:20am appointment, so I decided to work from home. My boss was fine with it, as long as I could be available for a quick call at 10am to brief one of the actors we work with re: immigration talking points (he was in Vegas today for the President's announcement on executive action and needed to be briefed for press interviews). My 10am call came before 10am, and it was anything but quick. I had to cancel my appointment. But the work call was still happening, so I couldn't even call the doctor myself to cancel. I had to gchat one of our interns to call for me! (Thanks, Isaac!)

When the call ended, something else urgent came up, and by the time that was done, I didn't have enough time to get to the metro and get to work by noon, which is when I was leading a different call. So basically, I spent half the workday at home, stressed out about when I was finally going to make it to the office. Oh, AND I hadn't gotten ready! I was working at home, half-dressed, with no make-up on.

Since I'd missed my 10:20am appointment, my supervisor advised me to call the doctor or speak to a nurse to see if he/she recommended me coming in, or maybe just getting an over the phone refill of my antibiotics, etc. I finally spoke to a doctor, and he said I definitely needed to come in... I scheduled an appointment for 5:20pm and decided I probably shouldn't go ice skating... I texted my date to see if he could chat at work for a minute. Because he works in a lab, I thought he might not have his phone on him (I was right), so I didn't talk to him 'til 4:30. I felt bad changing his plan, but he was SO nice about it! He told me to go to my appointment and to let him know when I was done and he'd pick me up.

I went to my appointment... where I was prescribed an inhaler (!!!). An inhaler!! Two days ago, I got my retainers (YAY for nearing the end of Invisalign!!), and tonight, a retainer? Geez... #nerdalert

While I was at the doctor's, m'date texted to see how things were coming. I let him know the address and that I was almost done, and he said he'd leave shortly. When my appointment was done, I ran frantically to the bathroom, makeup bag in hand. I cleaned up as best I could in a clinic's bathroom, and I swiped on some mascara (No time for eyeliner! And please remember that I had left my house that day wearing clothes I was planning to wear ice skating... Scarf, beanie, puffy coat, check!).

When I was done at the doctor, I wandered through the Anthropologie sale section, walked up and down the aisles of Sephora (and OK, I maybe added some blush to my cheeks and spritzed on a li'l perfume), and then finally remembered I had a prescription to fill. I crossed the street to CVS and was submitting my paperwork to the pharmacist, when my date called. I ran outside to find him, annnd we sat in his car for the next 15 minutes to wait for my retainer.

Sounds like a great start to a date, no? He had a DC dream date planned out, and instead, he picked me up from my doctor's appointment and waited with me for my inhaler. Surely, this is the stuff romance is made of.

First date

Once my inhaler was in hand, he googled a place for dinner, and we headed to Bethesda Row (see first photo) for some most delicious chicken. :)

We had a lovely evening with great conversation, and then we enjoyed some post-dinner hot chocolate. Definitely not the evening he'd originally planned, but a really good one just the same. Now, please join me in singing his praises for being so flexible and so, so sweet!

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