August 01, 2014

Night at the Dodgers


Thursday night, I went to my very FIRST Dodgers game with my cute primas, Nathalie and Wendy. It was SO much fun! Growing up in Utah, I definitely didn't grow up going to MLB games, because, well, mainly because we don't have a team. It was so fun to be at Dodgers stadium and feel the energy of the fans! It was a Wednesday night, and the stadium was still alive with Dodgers spirit. And I don't think I saw a single Braves fan the entire night.

Oh! Another big happening of the night was that I used the #partyparty app for the first time! (See video above. Aren't we attractive?) It was a fantastic way to spend 99 cents. :) Check us out!

And here are a few more shots from our night with the Dodgers:


The stadium has such great views!


Thanks for such a fun night, chicas! :)

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