August 21, 2014

Ashley's Birthday: A Painting Party

Remember how I mentioned my friend Ashley was the one who organized the scavenger hunt excursion at theNational Gallery of Art a few weekends ago?

That’s because she IS an artist! She’s an art teacher by profession, and for her birthday this summer, she chose to celebrate by teaching an art class to her friends. That’s right. She chose to celebrate her birthday by working, because she is just that giving and awesome. And talented! I mean just look at her! (Fun fact: she does a lot of her painting with her fingers instead of a brush.)

Ashley's birthday party!

And here we are, her fine pupils:

Ashley's birthday party!

Painting came a liiiiitle more naturally for some of us. Like these geniuses who totally blew me away!

Ashley's birthday party! Ashley's birthday party!

OK, Westin (top) is an architect, so I guess it wasn't a surprise that he's so artistically inclined. But Kevin? Dude, Kevin is a complete Renaissance man! He is on a break from medical school so he can get a Master's in... Something-Super-Science-y (it's a real degree)...  at Georgetown University, he rock climbs, he sings, he plays the cello, apparently he paints... The man is just full of surprises!

And then there were the rest of us...

Ashley's birthday party! Ashley's birthday party!Ashley's birthday party!
Ashley's birthday party!

Annnnd here's my finished product!

Ashley's birthday party!
Someone call the Smithsonian before this beauty gets snatched up! ;) jk jk

Best. birthday party. ever! Painting was so much fun, and it was surprisingly relaxing! Thanks for such a fun night, Ash! I'm sure glad you were born. :)

Ashley's birthday party!
Right: Another Ashley masterpiece, painted by -- yep, you guessed it -- her fingers!  **mind blown **

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