February 09, 2014


I got to watch some of the Olympics this weekend, and HOLY MOLY, am I inspired! Such amazing physical skill and ability! As someone who has no physical or athletic talents whatsoever, I am just blown away! The ice dancers/figure skaters move with so much grace and strength. (And holy moly, the 15-year old Russian skater! HOLY COW!!) The snowboarders' tricks are incredible. The skiiers' execution is just flawless. I'm really just in awe.

Watching so much athletic talent makes me wish I could do something with my body. I've never been very coordinated, and I certainly have nary an athletic bone in my body. But maybe... I don't know? I can take ballet again or something? What else could I learn that's a physical talent?

In the meantime, here's how I enjoyed the Olympics on Saturday:

This latest bout of illness has apparently turned me into a regular tea drinker. I'm as baffled as you are.

I watched at the home of my friend Hannah's parents (they're out of town). I love them so! Also, THIS is my new favorite tea. (Not that I have an old favorite.)

And oh! Did anyone else think it was so cool that the first gold medal won at the Sochi Olympics was earned by a boy from Utah?? Congrats, Sage Kotsenburg!! :D :D :D 


On a semi-related note, check out America ice skating duo Marissa Castelli & Simon Shnapir:

If they can skate together (beautifully, I might add), surely there's no reason I couldn't date a 6' 4"-er, right? ;)

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