October 20, 2013

Hipster, Hobo, or Thug?


** Spoiler alert: Be sure to take the quiz at the very bottom! **

I had the loveliest weekend this weekend. I attended a beautiful wedding, ran errands by bike, enjoyed a great Sunday at church, and spent the perfect Sunday afternoon at the Bishop's Garden at the National Cathedral with Melanie. But first things first.... I need your opinions!!

Last year, I bought a slouchy pink beanie for $1 (brand new at Goodwill, baby!), and ever since, I've wanted another slouchy beanie in GRAY. (A "hipster" beanie, as I like to call it.)

I'm pleased to announce... I bought one! I tried it on at home, and my roommate said, "Oh, a hobo beanie." She thought I looked like a homeless person!!?!

Then, when I told Melanie the story yesterday, she said, "Thug beanie." Seriously, Meli?? Come on!

And so, I'd like to ask for input here. What do you think -- hipster, hobo, or thug??

in SHOCK that you'd consider this anything other than HIPSTER
Yándary is not amused.
i can't keep a straight face to save my life.
vote HIPSTER, & i'll love you foh-EV-ah

Vote here, and stand up for urban chic hipsters everywhere!

**Polls will remain open until Friday, October 25th.**

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