July 09, 2013

Exploring Brooklyn

*A continuation of my adventures in NYC last Thanksgiving. (See also Posts 12, 3, and 4.)

Remember my crazy long posts about my NYC trip over Thanksgiving (that I STILL haven't finished !? I found this post sitting in my drafts, annnd it's not the last one...) Here is my next installment! (My last post was about our experience with Mormon Helping Hands.)

Saturday morning, we joined with other Mormon Helping Hands volunteers to help families in the Rockaways, and then I stayed the next two nights still in Brooklyn with my friends Dustin and Susan (and their little girl, Fiona). Dustin and I met in the residence halls at the U my first year as an RA. The following year, Dustin was also an RA in my same building, and he was our graphic designer when I managed a student government campaign that spring. Most importantly, Dustin and Susan were my angels when I was transitioning between my internship and starting my life in DC. When I was homeless, they let me stay with them, and I will forever be grateful for their help!

So, yes, Brooklyn. Dustin and Susan live in Bushwick. On the way back from the Rockaways, Dustin and I ran a few errands and explored a bit. I got to see a neighborhood where there were many Orthodox Jewish families (sometimes known as Hasidic Jews), and we even went to the Barclays Center (new basketball arena where the newly relocated Brooklyn Nets -- formerly the New Jersey Nets -- play) and to Target so Dustin could buy animal cookies and chocolate milk (his favorite treat of all time!).

Go, Nets!
I loved catching up with D, S, & F and being included in their family rituals (like praying and studying scriptures ad singing songs to Fiona together). Oh, that Fiona! How I left without taking a photo with the three of them is just beyond me!

Sunday morning, I had some time before church (I met up with Lee again to attend the YSA branch in Park Slope), so I visited the Brooklyn Bridge! I was hoping to grab some Grimaldi's for lunch, BUT it wasn't open yet when I was there. :( Here's what I saw:

I think I captured a special moment for these men... They bowed their heads for a few quiet moments, and then they each tossed a beautiful, full bouquet of roses into the river. I wondered who they were for...
At this point, I was still working on my mom's blanket withersoever I went.
Such a cute little carousel! And I learned it's on the registry of national historical landmarks.
Manhattan in the distance.
The ferry.
No ice cream, and no pizza.:

It was beautiful and peaceful and relaxing to get to explore on my own, but I'll DEFINITELY need to come back for some Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory ice cream and some Grimaldi's pizza! (Or maybe some Patsy's? Ha!)

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