February 25, 2013

Thanks a lot, Facebook! :P

As if being a young single adult sitting in a young single adults ward, specifically in a Sunday School lesson for the marriage prep class entitled "How to Know When you Find the 'One'" (or something like that) weren't enough to make one's brain explode with marriage-osity (except actually, the lesson was really good, and I learned about the importance of distinguishing between fear of marrying a particular person versus fear of the institution of marriage in general, which is normal and good, because only a fool goes into marriage without any fear, and basically, that thought totally blew my mind, because in conclusion, it turns out I am not afraid of marriage (in case you were wondering); just afraid of how the heck I'm supposed to get there.), here's a little subtle hint from Facebook that popped up on my phone last night:

Thanks a lot, FB! :P

Facebook: 1, Me: 0, Marriage Prep class: 23.

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  1. Hahaha too funny! You can tell when I've been emailing with Nif about my feeeeelings because all my GChat ads become about rings and marriage etc. Internet win!


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