November 05, 2012

What Lately Has Looked Like

Cakes + fake lashes for Halloween
Trying to look like my iPhone case. :) Bottom image via
DC2 Halloween activity

Maggie and I now have the same iPhone case!
Halloween, Saturday edition
ISG love, Jose & Evita Peron, + me with Courtney

MaLeNa designs. Made by Evita Peron, I mean Wendy (from the photo above). I LOVE the necklace on the left!
Sandy, featuring artwork by Stephanie
Progress, 1st letter from the UK! + meeting on the Hill #IloveDC!
VOTE! + bejeweled KitchenAid
Superbama! + Saturday Temple shifts + NOT a laptop, but a shintop. (ie- it's more comfortable to prop my legs up and rest the laptop on my shins. Am I the only one who does this?) + who says I'm too old to be a princess? :)

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