November 05, 2012

A Post From Summer That I Forgot to Publish

Woah. I was going through my draft posts, and I found this one that I never published from last summer. I know it's November 5th now and whatnot (Happy Guy Fawkes Day for all you Brits or wannabe Brits!), but here you go. :)

Hanging out at home:

First cartwheel in, like, 10 years.Jaxie!

Celebrating Pioneer Day with Rachel at Cafe Rio:

Saying "goodbye" to Melissa (before I decided to drive out to Utah with her.

Recording a tape for my baby brother:

Enjoying Jazz in the Sculpture Garden (one of my all-time FAVORITE DC summer activities!)

Saying goodbye to our beloved Shum Shum.

Pre-mission BB's new glasses:

Hanging' out with Jeffrey Howard in SLC!

From Cordie's baby blessing:

Meeting officials from the German Green Party:

When Caitlin and I went back to the future. :)

Wanting a hot pink sports bra... (TMI?)

Umm, I want a hot pink sports bra! (TMI? Sorry.) 

Taking self-portraits at the temple?

Self-portrait in the reflection of the DC temple.

Feeling overwhelmed with school...

This is my glazed eye look when I study!

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