October 29, 2012


Satellite view of Hurricane Sandy on 10/28 (via)

Sandy's gone bad. Get it? (via)

We're hunkered down and are as ready as we can be here in the DC area. We've replenished our water, boosted our canned goods and PBJ supply, and baked choc-chip cookies. (AND I even just straightened my hair! No, but seriously. If I'm going to potentially be out of power for several days, my hair at least needs to be done.*) Now, my roommate Whitney and I are chillin' in our living room, enjoying what will probably be our last few hours with electricity.

As I've watched everyone around me getting ready for the storm, I've felt grateful for the church's constant counsel for us to be prepared always -- spiritually and temporally. Friday night when I went to Target, there was NO. WATER. LEFT. in the whole store! It's so crazy!

I feel grateful that we have the supplies we'll need and am keeping those who are in the hurricane's path in my prayers. Stay safe, warm, and INSIDE, everyone!

* Because my hair is easier to handle fuss-free for days on end when it's straight than when it's curly; NOT because I'm high-maintenance. Because I'm not.

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