September 18, 2012

RS Dinner + The Big Game

Saturday was an exceptionally busy day for me. First, I celebrated Hannah's wedding during the day. Then, I attended a special dinner put on by the men of my congregation (aka the Elders' Quorum). They wanted to show appreciation for all the women (aka sisters, aka the Relief Society). And THEN, I stayed up 'til all hours to watch the BIG GAME! (which we WON, btw!)

This is what I wore to the dinner. :) Heh heh! (Gotta rep my team!)

Here are some shots from the RS event:

C + N :)

For dinner,  the chicos prepared a yummy baked potato bar. (Thanks, guys!)

The boys sang "Ye Elders of Israel" for us. (Excerpt below.)

C 'n me

And then we watched THE GAME.

The Ute contingent (all 3 of us, + Brandon, who had to leave early) 
The BYU contingent (ie- EVERYONE ELSE.)
Am I a terrible person for thinking they were all lame for not knowing their fight song without having Roy pull up the music and lyrics on YouTube?? (Props to Whit and Jenn for actually knowing the words.)

It didn't matter anyway, because this is all I hear whenever people sing the TDS (Team Down South's) fight song:

Heh heh!

It was a hecka rough game -- especially the last "1 second," which will go down in college football infamy as the LONGEST. SECOND. of my LIFE! -- but we won! 24-21.

Better luck next time, Cougars. (NOT.) Oh, wait, there won't BE a next time! SO LAME!! Let's all launch an official protest, eh? Until next time.... GO UTES!!


  1. Can't believe I'm going to say this about your Ute outfit, but those shoes are HOT!!!! Aaaand I love that picture of C&N :D

    1. Ha ha! Thanks, my cute little cougar friend. ;) Though you know your blood bleeds RED! (No, but really... Ask your parents. And if you still doubt, let me poke you. Lol.)


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