August 21, 2012

Great Meadow Polo Club

Two weekends ago (08/04/12), I went with some friends to watch a polo match out at the Great Meadow Polo Club in The Plains, Virginia. I attended a match here last year, but for most of the group, this was the first time at such a thrilling event. And at $30 per car (aka $6, split 5-ways), PLUS a homemade picnic dinner, it wasn't a bad way to spend our Saturday night. In fact, it was great!

The group!

Great minds think alike! (aka stripes & boat shoes!)

Now for some action shots:

Watch it, sista'!

Were they making a political statement? (Reference to the Chick-fil-A banner)

Can you see all the tiny people through the fence crack? :) 

Related: Maggie had pretty hair.

Ombre maiden braids.

And the scenery was preeeetty:

And now some people shots:

Polo players (players? jockeys?) are people, too.
This was Shum-Shum's last DC social outing before moving to Boston! :(
Marc and Ali.
Rach-ita! This was the second polo match for us. We came together last year. :)
Re-enacting the world's cheesiest engagement shot?

Once-upon-a-time roomies.
POLO: check it out some time, if you already haven't. I promise you'll have a good time. ;)

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