July 26, 2012

MTC: Week 3

This week's e-mail was shorter. But we've gotten to chat every week when he is at the computer (like gchat, but via e-mail), so I guess it's all good.

PS A reminder that all grammar errors are his. :)

Ni Hoa Wode Pengyou!
This week at the MTC has been crazy busy! I am learning Chinese at an exponetial rate! I can now hold a decent conversation! and yeah! Its awesome! My favorite lesson to teach are the Restoration! It is incredible! I am learning the 1st Vision in Zhongwen! Its coooool! This week for personal study I have been reading through Jesus The Christ! ITs awesome! It is so amazing to read through the life of the Master. He truly performed many miracles and was rejected by israel when they said we have no king but caesar! Its crazy. It truly is  inspiring to read about the life of the master!
This week has been pretty crazy we have been singing a lot of hymns lately and I really like it. it invites the spirirt and lets us focus. I really enjoy singing and wish I was better at it!
THis week to build District Unity we will try the Tower Challenge! In the MTC cafeteria there are towers of cereal and they hold about 74 bowls of cereal! as a district we are going to eat an entire tower! Its going to be a blast! and so spiriutual.... ;)
Things here are good though! I am getting into a routine finally I think...I am working harder and improving my study habbits everyday. I also am learning the importance of planning. When I plan at night the next day is just so much smoother and better than when I dont. I also testify of the reality of revelation through the BoM. I know my study time is more effective when I have personal questions I search for. Its awesome.
Thank you for all your packages and emails! Its so awesome! I love hearing from  you all and especially hearing about all of the smallest things that happen! Its crazy how news spreads here at the MTC! When I found out about the shootings at the dark knight rises I told someone and it spread like wildfire. Its crazy how fast news travels here.
The provo temple hasnt been open yet but it will open this week! I am excited to go to the temple on P day!
It has been so hot here lately! Its crazy! I am so grateful for my short sleeve shirts!
I am sorry this email was so short! I have to go though I love you all!
- Elder Zavala

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