June 24, 2012

Temple = weekend highlight

Well, so far, this weekend has been... Uhhh... homework? and errands? (holy cow, I spent a fortune on groceries yesterday!) and cooking? Laundry? and busy stuff. aka pretty uneventful/boring.

And so. After a brief update here, I'll include two more posts of other things from LAST WEEKEND to tide you over 'til things get interesting over here.

The weekend highlight thus far was serving my first Saturday shift at the Temple. It was SO great! Had I known how great Saturdays are, I would've switched my shift ages ago! I was never not busy, and it felt good to be constantly serving. I also really loved being assigned to the Youth Center, where I got to play with the little kids who were waiting to be sealed to their parents. They were all SO adorable in their little white shirts and ties. One lil' guy was so little (he was three years old), we had to roll the elastic/waistband of his little white pants over so they wouldn't fall down! I can't wait 'til I get to actually take them up to the sealing rooms! Ah, so amazing!!

The temple looked shinier at 8am.

In conclusion, working at the temple just ROCKS!

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