June 26, 2012


Between being out of town every other week this summer so far (literally), having the blessing to often work at home, and being stressed out about getting caught up in school, I haven't done much socializing lately. I know it's pretty lame, but this past weekend, Friday and Saturday nights were both filled with A- me staring at my laptop, B- me washing/sorting/folding laundry, or C- running errands/cooking. No hanging out with friends. No leisurely leisure time. (Not even any running time!! This is NOT. good.)

So when Sunday came around, I was DYING. I almost gave my afternoon to a much-needed nap, but instead, I headed down to Virginia for an Iron Chef competition at the house of some of my girlfriends. I didn't actually take any photos of the Iron Chef part of the night (which is sad, because my friend Stephen, who couldn't make it, told me to take pictures, so he could see what he was missing out on and so he would have more incentive to go next time).

Back to my story. It was so... REFRESHING and FUN(!) to be around PEOPLE!! I've decided that I'm sorta going crazy by being at home so much, so I've started walking (walking, because I'm too cheap to pay for the bus/metro if I don't need to) to different libraries in the area during the day to do my work.

Awesome little bench I passed today on my way to the Bethesda Library. The caption reads,
"Missing person found unharmed, deep in a chair. Returned from a good book." Love it!

I actually didn't eat any of the food at Iron Chef, because I was too busy ENJOYING the company of other human beings!! I caught up with a lot of friends with whom I haven't gotten to chat in a while (some just a few weeks, others several MONTHS!). It was just so wonderful to be surrounded by people! It was fun to catch up with Rachel on the goings-on of her life, and to listen to Ginette's latest international adventures, hear of Rob's interesting new landlord, listen to the story of Joe putting on a bulletproof vest to stay safe during his commute to PG County (Hyperbole, people. Hyperbole.), etc. etc. It was even fun to get to know a few new friends a little better.

One part of the night that I particularly loved was catching up with my no-longer roomies, Emily and Liz. (Well, Emily is technically still my roommate, but she is house-sitting in Virginia for a month, and she has left a giant VOID in our apartment!) Liz defected and moved to Virginia, but for realz. 

Anyway, I love these girls. We all miss living together, just the three of us, in our tiny little apartment with the ugly furniture.

 My carload of peeps and I were some of the last to leave the party, because it was hard to tear myself from such good friends. I left feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle my week!

New mantra.

And also ready to sleep! (Isn't it the nicest thing to come home to a freshly-made bed? I washed all my bedding -- even my comforter -- on Saturday, remember? Ha ha.)

So, people of the world, I need you in my life! Otherwise, I'mma go CrAzY!!

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