May 13, 2012

My Mother's Bathroom

My mother's bathroom is a sacred place.

Mother's Bathroom image via here

In the bathroom, I watched my mom put on her makeup and get ready for the day. I would sit on top of the toilet seat and stare, thinking how pretty my mom was.

In the bathroom, I've helped my mom highlight her hair (and turned down her offers to highlight MY hair) many-a-time (you need help with foil or the cap and hook method? I'm your girl).

In the bathroom, my mom would give my sister and me baths and let us do silly things with the foam from Bathtime Fun Barbie.

In the bathroom, I've definitely played with my mom's makeup. And maybe I still do when I go home? You'd play with her makeup too, if you saw the eye shadow collection she has! And the shades of blush! (Lancôme Miel Glace really IS the perfect shade of peachy-pink.) And all those Juicy Tubes!

In the bathroom, my mom taught me about being a woman and what that meant as I got older. (Insert 13-year old giggle right here.)

In the bathroom, I watched my mom take care of three newborn babies. When the first of the boys was born, it became part of MY nightly ritual to help Mom bathe the baby and get him dressed and ready for the night. Watching her take care of these little babies is a special memory for me.

In the bathroom, I've had deep conversations with my mom (usually with one of us on either side of the door). 'Cuz it's small in there, duh.

In the bathroom, I've made many memories with my mom. But the reason my mother's bathroom is a sacred place is because it's where she taught us to pray.

In a house with five kids, two dogs, and a husband, my mother's bathroom was her sanctuary. Even now, when she has her own bedroom (my parents got divorced two years ago), her bathroom is still where she goes to pray. All of us know that the first thing Mom does in the morning is lock herself in the bathroom, so she has a bit of privacy for her morning check-in. If we call for her and we see the bathroom door is closed and she doesn't answer, she's either A- mad at you, or B- praying. (And first thing in the morning, it's usually praying. :D) She prays for me and for each one of my four siblings. She prays for success at work. She prays for help with her daily struggles. And she prays giving thanks to God for her many blessings.

Through her example and through her words, my mom taught us that God always answers our prayers, that He is always available to us via prayer, and that we must pray morning, noon, and night. Through applying in my own life what she taught me, I've learned for myself that everything she ever taught me about prayer is true.

I'm grateful for a mother who taught me to pray, because prayer strengthens me daily. I know God hears and answers our prayers ALWAYS. It may not be the answer we want or expect, but HE always answers, and as we follow the answers He gives us, we'll find peace, fulfillment, and JOY in our lives!

Thanks, Mom! :)


  1. What a sweet tribute to your mom. I remember when I would sit at my mom's vanity and play with her make-up and I would feel so grown up!



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